Can't wait for summer

Daily look :), These pictures were taken outside of a friends house, she also styled the WHOLE OUTFIT, I have to say that she did a really good job I really enjoyed the photo shoot and also the style, as you can see quite simple but without losing the style which is the important thing isn't it?

Levi's Vintage Jacket   -   Levi's Plaid Shirt   -   Topman Skinny Trousers   -   Shoes from a Vintage Shop

The pictures were fun because the whole thing was not planned, so it was really funny the way we were matching all the clothes together, all the pieces, till the end and that's what we've got :) I hope you guys like it :) 


  1. Acabo de encontar tu blog y me encanto!!!
    Que genial que seas Mexicano!!
    Lindo día!


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