Saturday, 28 April 2012

Jump in my hoopty hoopty hoop

Hello people!

Posting another look this one is more fun and like the title says, "Jump in my hoopty hoopty hoop" I actually did it thinking on that song "Nicki Minaj - Starships" Because I really liked and also since that song came out I couldn't get it off my mind! so I decided to put it on a picture and I love the pictures and the bit when she sings it, so here it is hope you guys like it! I love it! x


The whole outfit by TOPMAN :)

And as it's usual now the trendy video/song!, and guess which one is it? STARSHIPS! hahaha the video it's already out so I'm going to post it!, I was waiting for it so hope you guys like it :) (JUST CLICK THE IMAGE)

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hello people it's Ivam once again!, and posting my daily look this one is a classy outfit!, many people liked on my lookbook account!, so I hope you guys like it as well! I've seen it in different websites already! So I thought it would be a good idea to post it in here :) 

Bow Tie from Oscar de la Renta, Shirt from Oscar de la Renta, 

Hola :) Soy yo! Ivam de nuevo!, publicando el look del dia éste es un look classy, muchas personas les gustó en mi cuenta de Lookbook, espero que a ustedes también les guste ya que la he visto en diferentes sitios web entonces pensé que seria buena idea publicarla aqui :)

que tengan un buen dia :)

Belt Armani ExChange

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


ello, it's Ivam once again!, and I'm back with this amazing new brand called 

Buffalo David Bitton 

Wich I personally loved, I mean look at the pieces, they are really cool, I think I should definitely get some soon, if you want to get yours you should definitely go to and purchase one of these pieces. I'm sure you are not going to be disappointed.

Friday, 13 April 2012


Yo!! Hello people!, it's Ivam posting the daily outfit and how much I love Burgundy, I think is one of my favourites colours on clothes, I mean I think it looks really cool judge yourself...These days I've been a bit busy but I will be posting often really soon xx hope that everyone is feeling good and ENJOY HOLIDAYS <3

Hola gente!, Una vez mas con ​​la publicación del daily look, y lo mucho que amo el colour Borgoña, creo que es uno de mis colores favoritos en cuanto a fashion, creo que se ve realmente genial juzga tu mismo ... Estos días he estado un poco ocupado pero voy a publicar pronto y mas seguido xx espero que todo el mundo se siente bien y a disfrutar las vacaciones.

The whole outfit is by Topman :)
El look completo es por Topman :)

y como ya se me ha hecho costumbre la cancion que escucho :)

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

DIY Project

Hello guys, once again, well this is my DIY project. As you can see the studs on the boots and jacket, was done by myself, which is REALLY simple, actually more than simple, you just need something spiky, like a tiny screwdriver so that you can make the holes, (that's what I personally used, but you can always use something else), well after I made the holes, and then I did put the Studs and the final product looks like the picture below, I think they look cool actually, I finished in 13 minutes, it didn't take me too many time, I tried on some old boots because I didn't want to get some new ones fucked up lol.

 below I left an image with the studs I used the size and stuff, you can find them easly anywhere, Ebay, Amazon, anywhere really.

Heeey, una vez más, ahora con mi proyecto DIY (Do it yourself) . Como puede ver los (estoperoles, remaches, no se como se diga en su pais :( Sorry), en las botas y la chaqueta, que lo he hecho muy facilmente, es muy simple, en realidad, más que simple, sólo tienes que tener algo como un destornillador delgado para que puedas hacer los agujeros, (eso es lo que yo personalmente he utilizado, pero siempre se puede usar otra cosa), así después de que hice los agujeros, entonces puse los Estoperoles, Remaches (STUDS), y el producto final es como la foto de abajo, creo que se ven bien cool de hecho, terminé en 13 minutos, no ha tomado mucho tiempo, lo he hecho en unas fotos viejas por que no queria joder algunas botas nuevas así que lo he intentado con las botas viejas espero que les guste :).

  a continuación dejó una imagen con los Estoperoles, Remaches (STUDS) que he utilizado, el tamaño, y esas cosas, puedes encontrarlos en cualquier lugar facilmente, llamese, Ebay, Amazon, Mercado Libre (Mexico) o en tiendas de telas :)

DIY Project

These are the ones I used for the boots.

These are the ones I used for the Jacket.

DIY Project

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Y ya por ultimo les dejo una cancion que me ha gustado (Es solo darle click a la foto)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Golf sunny day

Well, that was a day playing some Golf and also a great time to take some pictures as you can see it was a wonderful day, sunny, and beautiful...These are the pictures I took while playing :)

Bueno, eso fue un día jugando golf y también un buen momento para tomar algunas fotos, como se puede ver que fue un día maravilloso, soleado y hermoso ... Estas son las fotos que tomé mientras jugaba :)

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