Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Justin Bieber

Hello :) well just going to say quickly that YES as the title says Justin Bieber I went to his concert on the 28th of february for his Believe Tour, it was pretty cool actually the whole thing was just amazing :) Carly rae jepsen opened the concert, by singing a couple of songs, which I only knew two of them looooool, which is obviously 'call me maybe' and 'good time' by the way she sang that song with Justin and it was reallyyyy cool I loved it :) 

hope you guy like the pictures!! :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Louis Vuitton Store lol

This year seems to have lots of surprises for me, so many good things going on at the moment! as you probably read on my last post I will appear in an episode of the new series of skins, which I can't wait to watch!, also been doing the stuff I love for a bit! just for a bit since university won't leave me alone! everything gets harder and harder!!!, anyway...One of these days I went to Birmingham if I'm not wrong I think is the second largest city in England, and it was really fun I went with a friend from Colombia, we had a blast literally just looking at people passing by! YES just by looking at people passing by haha it may sound silly but it's actually really relaxing! after stressing shopping! me and my mate went to the Louis Vuitton store, and as soon as we walked into the store, the guard gave us a look of disgust and he was being really rude to us, he even told me to not take pictures, to not even have my phone around, he was literally being mean, BUT then as soon as we bought some stuff he turned up into this lovely guard that even said 'bye and have a good day' I mean is that guy for real? then we just left the store and went to get some money out and decided to go back and buy some other stuff, and he finally treated us as we deserve. Never judge a book by its cover

And now the outfit hope you guys love it :) as I do because I really enjoy this outfit even though the guard thought I was probably a tramp????? LOL but well, I don't really care!

By the way!! if any of my readers like Justin Bieber, then the next post is gonna be cool for you :) 

Este año parece tener un montón de sorpresas para mí, muchas cosas buenas sucediendo en este momento! como usted probablemente ha leído en mi último post que aparecerá en un episodio de la nueva serie de skins, que no puedo esperar para verlo!, también ha estado haciendo las cosas que me encanta un poco! sólo por un poco ya que la universidad no me deja en paz! todo se vuelve más y más difícil!, de todos modos ... Uno de estos días me fui a Birmingham si no me equivoco creo que es la segunda ciudad más grande de Inglaterra, y fue muy divertido que me fui con una amiga de Colombia, nos lo pasamos genial, literalmente, sólo mirando a la gente que pasa! SI sólo mirando a la gente que pasa jaja puede sonar tonto, pero en realidad es muy relajante! después de destacar las compras! yo y mi amiga fuimos a la tienda Louis Vuitton, y tan pronto como entramos en la tienda, el guardia nos dio una mirada de asco y él estaba siendo muy grosero con nosotros, él incluso me dijo que no tomar fotos, ni siquiera teniendo mi teléfono alrededor, estaba siendo literalmente grosero, pero entonces tan pronto como nos compramos algunas cosas que el cambio rotundamente en un encantador guardia que llegó a decir 'adiós y tener un buen día , osea que le pasa? entonces sólo salimos de la tienda y fuimos a buscar un poco de dinero en cajero y decidimos volver y comprar algunas otras cosas, y por fin nos trataron como nos merecemos. 

Nunca juzgues un libro por su cubierta

Y ahora el outfit espero que ustedes tambien les encante :) tanto como a mi a pesar de que el guardia pensó que era probablemente un vagabundo????? LOL pero bueno, no me importa!

Por cierto! si alguno de mis lectores les gusta Justin Bieber, el próximo post va a ser genial para ustedes!

Beanie - Moschino
Tee - Illustrated People
Military Jacket - Topman
Shirt - Vintage
Trousers - Topman
Boots - Dr. Martens

Monday, 21 January 2013



                                ...Skins Season 7

Probably most of you have heard about the upcoming season of Skins with Cassie, Effy and Cook.

Well, to all my loyal and beloved readers I have to tell you that I was selected and invited to appear in Cook's episode! which is basically a rave where cook is having fun and goes wild as typical from Cook. The episode is about a drug dealer and Cook. 
(Sorry I can't give you further detail because then it gets spoiled!)

anyway hopefully I will appear dancing and having fun, probably looking all drunk and high. 

Overall the experience was AMAZING I met great people, I had a real good time around them, got to meet Jack O'Connell (Cook), who's also a great actor and such a nice guy, we exchanged a couple of words and we even took some pictures, so yeah! hope you all wait for that episode to try spot me dancing and being all crazy! everything was just amazing!.

                          *FILMING*I arrived at the set at 10:30 am, then I did the check in, they looked through my documents to see if everything was fine. (it was about 2 o'clock) by the time the check in was done everything was set but we had a break after the check in, I had some food and drinks, and around 5:00 we started filming the episode, they were giving instructions for example what 'action', 'reset' means in filming etc, etc, so that we could all get tuned to the filming atmosphere after all that we filmed from 5:15 to 11:00 pm, NON STOP, just a few breaks, standing, dancing, walking etc, so you can imagine how tired we all ended up after all that!!, then after the 'THAT'S A WRAP' everyone queued to get paid in a cute little envelop with each name on it.

All I can say is that I'm so thankful! and I would definitely do it again takes what it takes! and that I hope to see my name at the end of the episode LOL! anyway hope I didn't bore you guys! and have a great day!! 


Jack O'Connell                                                           Ivam Kent