Grafea Bags!

Hello people out there!!
I know I've been away for so long! and I'm sorry!
I've been real real busy!
I will tell you why, is kind of a secret (I guess after this is not gonna be a secret anymore)

Well the thing is that I failed three modules (I didn't attend because I was ill don't you guys think I'm a retard lol, well and failed the other LOL) so I've been revising for the Exam I have left!! 
I'm so scared because if I don't pass this exam I might be sent back to Mexico.
Why? Because International Students are not allowed to fail any "mandatory modules" easy as that :'(, so my 4 years Visa get's cancelled and I will basically waste the 9 thousand pounds per year that I paid for uni, It will be quite sad if I don't pass but let's hope I that I pass everything!! so that I can keep blogging and finish my uni here in the UK. 

Anyway! moving on to something nicer!, I took these pictures two days ago and it's a collaboration with Grafea Leather a company that has a really high quality bags, backpacks, rucksacks, satchels, all kinds you can ever imagine, based in the UK, and has Worldwide delivery :) 

Check it out!

The Collaboration Pictures!

Hope you guys like the pictures!!! 


  1. damm boy!!!! you are sooo turning me on <3

  2. I want your bag and your creepers!

    would you like to follow each other? tell me if you want :)

  3. Want want want that bag! Your blog is really great!! :))

  4. Great set! I love your cap! Wow!

    I invite to

  5. gosh Hun I hope you are doing better with your exam gosh love the bag I'm getting one in blue


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