Monday, 25 June 2012

Look of the day!

Hello well this is my daily look! hope you guys like it I've been a bit busy with collaborations! but I'm having some free time for myself! I'm so happy and I couldn't be better! thanks for all your support!.

I'm going to say something because I'm always against wearing SOCKS, with Boat shoes, I mean it LOOKS HORRIBLE!, but then I tried this and I definitely LOVED IT :) I dunno if everyone is going to like it but I did so hope you do as well :) x

The whole outfit from TOPMAN

Monday, 18 June 2012

Top of the world


Hello people! these are one of my favourite photos! why? because I find them extremely amazing! and good looking also love my outfit from head to toe. The denim jacket is from Topman well to be honest everything is from Topman! as I love topman! yesterday had a sale! and I literally went crazy buying! went over my limit on my card! and yet! I don't regret! I will be posting some more! thank for reading! and hope you like these pictures! xxx

Picture taken in the West midlands up on a Hill in TELFORD

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pocket & co

Hello people!, today it's been a busy day! omg    
 and the weather has not been the best! :( was 
impossible to take some pictures, also I was 
having problems with the car at least now it seems
 to be fixed after two weeks in the garage of Honda
 lol, anyway I'm gonna leave you with some pictures
 I took recently about this awesome and new brand 
called POCKET & CO, < click
 and give it some like on their facebook page!, also if
 you like their shirt! you can purchase ONLINE! on 

T-Shirt by POCKET & CO, Boots DIY, Beanie and Shirt by topman

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wowzer Collaboration

Hey there! I'm back with this post about WOWZER a new Brand which I personally liked :) is an Italian Brand made by Federica Rizzo who gave me the opportunity to collaborate with her brand. It was a pleasure since I really liked the details which is like some kind of see through which I found it unique! Love it! Thank you WOWZER for the quick deliver! and the good quality of it <3

You can buy it ONLINE on 

Wowzer Tshirt, with see through detail <3

Topman Boots, Topman Trousers, Topman Denim Jacket, Topman Hat and WOWZER tee

And like I always do is share what's exciting! and well to THE KILLERS FANS they are back! with a great preview of their new album called BATTLE BORN!