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Hello people! these are one of my favourite photos! why? because I find them extremely amazing! and good looking also love my outfit from head to toe. The denim jacket is from Topman well to be honest everything is from Topman! as I love topman! yesterday had a sale! and I literally went crazy buying! went over my limit on my card! and yet! I don't regret! I will be posting some more! thank for reading! and hope you like these pictures! xxx

Picture taken in the West midlands up on a Hill in TELFORD


  1. Common, who in a world wouldn't like these photos ! xx Aida

    P.S. You are so skinny!

  2. wow nice pictures !
    What is your camera?

  3. ivan hola soy fran t queria hacer una pregunta. he visto una foto tuya con unos pantalones d topman. tu que talla usas?. esq siempre veo que la talla 28 es la mas pequeña y a mi me parece que me quedaria grande ya que uso la 36 de bershka, pull....
    pero uego veo q tu llevas pantalones d topman y eres mas delgado q yo.
    porfa si no es mucha molestia contestame al correo del blog:



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