Ready to wear your big chain...

Hello guys I haven't been around for a while, but I've got great news, I will be blogging from Mexico for a week!, I'm so excited!! haven't been to Mexico in ages and I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I can't wait! nice weather, the FOOD, parties, the beach, and amazing people!, anyway I'm back with this outfit that I'm in love with!, I find it so fun and stylish love it from head to toe! :) and I hope you guys like it as well :) 

Rucksack: Grafea Leather <Click to see collection
Hat: Topman
Chain: Mom's Present
Jumper: Mom's Present (J.S)
Trousers: Topman
Creepers: Underground

Here you can appreciate the Rucksack

Grafea Leaher Rucksack


  1. I am so FREAKEN in love with your simpson shirt! great post as always have fun i Mexico!!

  2. Nose que me gusta mas la camisa de Bart, el gorro o la backpack! espero que te la pases bien padre aqui en Mexico :)

  3. ughhh you look flipping amazing<333 that bart simpson jumper is amazing!!!!!<3


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