Jump in my hoopty hoopty hoop

Hello people!

Posting another look this one is more fun and like the title says, "Jump in my hoopty hoopty hoop" I actually did it thinking on that song "Nicki Minaj - Starships" Because I really liked and also since that song came out I couldn't get it off my mind! so I decided to put it on a picture and I love the pictures and the bit when she sings it, so here it is hope you guys like it! I love it! x


The whole outfit by TOPMAN :)

And as it's usual now the trendy video/song!, and guess which one is it? STARSHIPS! hahaha the video it's already out so I'm going to post it!, I was waiting for it so hope you guys like it :) (JUST CLICK THE IMAGE)


  1. cOOL POST
    I LOVE your OUTFIT Its a great look!

  2. Hi,Ivam!
    You're in my blog today (photo) > www.blog-anapaulaxavier.com
    Have a great weekend!


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